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What is the maximum size that will fit inside the laser cutter?
Our laser cutter has a bed size of 24"x18" (60cmx45cm aprox) and will not fit anything larger than this. What we occasionally do is try to separate the project into smaller sized pieces that can later be reassembled.
What materials can and can't be cut?

The laser cutter does not run hot enough to cut through metal, glass or stone but can etch on them quite well. Metals need to have a powder coating so that when it is burned off, the metal is exposed and produces a printed effect. We cut plastics material only when guaranteed they do not contain PVC, as this substance when heated produces hydrochloric acid.

What is the maximum thickness of material that can be cut?
We usually do not cut any material thicker than 1/4", as the machine is not equipped to handle anything thicker than this.
What is the overall pricing of laser cutting?

Our work is charged by the hour ($50) and as such, each project is unique one from the other. That is why we quote each order individually. Many factors go into the pricing, but a good rule of thumb is: the larger the laser etched area, the higher the price. Having said this, we must stress that cutting and scoring (about as thick as a hairline 0.001pts) are far cheaper than etching (any line thicker than 0.1pts)

What should I do if I need something cut and don't have a file?
We gladly create the necessary files from hand drawings or AutoCAD files into the pertinent Illustrator .ai or .EPS format that we use. This will incur a setup fee of $25 and hour.
Can you reproduce colors with the laser cutter?
Unfortunately, the laser cutting process does not reproduce color per se, but instead we use our experience to offer you a product that is equally impressive and utilizes colors that are available through burning the material of choice.

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