What is the true goal of marketing?

Setting the fluff aside, it can neatly be condensed to: gaining new and keeping old customers.

Sounds easy enough, but modern day marketing has become boring and unexciting. Every idea feels exhausted and every proposal feels almost standard. It is increasingly difficult to choose as a consumer and moreover, to stand out as a distributor. In today´s dynamic, highly visual world, design is key in any business and sometimes having a small edge can be the difference between winning a contract or losing a sale to your closest competitor.

Enter b-type design…
b-type is a multi-disciplinary design firm concentrating on the use of laser cutting to produce dramatic visual solutions in many fields, including graphic and industrial design. Our goal is to provide our customers with fresh new marketing weapons for their arsenal. We use graphic design, guerrilla tactics and a rather innovative manufacturing process in order to produce eye-catching designs and give your business that extra edge above the rest. From chandeliers, coasters and POP material to something as simple and important as business cards, we can guarantee a product that will leave your clients immediately enticed.

In the end, you will have the possibility of both attracting new buyers and also revamping your companies image in the eyes of your most demanding consumers.

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