b-type design was born unlike most companies, due to the fact that it all started by accident. Fresh out of school, I knew that with any great work portfolio, a great business card had to follow. Thus I worked extensively on designs, colors, shapes, but in the end it was always enclosed in a 3.5x2 inch rectangle...alas it was always plain. So I decided, why not put my architecture experience to good use and create a new style of card? I decided to use a laser cutter to make my idea come to life. The result? A card that always grabbed the attention of its holder. And so I thought, if I can change how a business card operates, could I do it for other uses?

And so a few months and countless hours of research later, I decided Miami was in dire need of a company that could offer new visual media possibilities to a city mostly known for its bland design pedigree. So if someone were to ask what is b-type:

Graphic design firm which utilizes laser cutting to produce ingenious and dramatic visual solutions through various material media types for both personal and commercial purposes.

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