Our view:

We at b-type see design in a slightly different manner. For starters, our designs are not necessarily printed, but burned. This in turn represents an ecological point, in that we utilize no ink in the fabrication of our work and prefer the use of recycled or recyclable material. Also, the cutting materials are so extensive that we can combine one type of material with another to create an even larger array of graphic solutions. The material media alone makes the work stand out. And the quality and fineness of the final product is 1200dpi on all material types, more than enough for a high quality finish. (Find a list of possible materials at the bottom of this text.)

The closest manufacturing process to what we offer are metal stamping dies. Dies cannot engrave per sé, only cut, stamp, emboss or deboss. Furthermore, dies cannot be corrected or updated, for they are mostly made out of metal. So for instance, your company has changed address and the original die stamped this information on company material, a new die would have to be fabricated in order to correct the address change. This change alone means at least $125 investment. On the other hand the computer file on a laser cutter can be changed in a matter of minutes and a new stamp/seal can be created with only production costs involved. And I believe the most important difference to metal dies is the possibility of creating test mules/cuts, without the need of wasting money in unproven products.

Turn-around time is the same as in any printing establishment, usually not taking more than 2-3 days (excluding design work).

Pre-printed material can also be cut or scored, which means color can be included in the equation (printing considered separate process). Imagine having the infinite colors of printing with the endless cutting and scoring possibilities of a laser.

And finaly, the most important aspect and raison d'etre of b-type design: Not good design, not general design, but creative design. We want our work to be a conversation stimulator, we want you and your company to stand out, not just by what you do, but by how your company looks. In essence, we don´t want "OK" designs, we want "WOW" designs.

So look through our works page and find inspiration...and if you can´t find any, let us do it for you.

b-type: creative laser cutting

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